Organized Chaos?

What is chaos? We use this word normally while contemplating life or while blaming the system. Even the dictionary definition doesn’t differ, ‘Complete disorder and confusion’ But what if we dig a little deeper, explore only a little bit farther just to understand what it really means. The other day I watched a movie named […]

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Living Ghosts

What do you normally see while looking at the night sky? The moon? The stars? Maybe constellations? But is that it? We all know that there’s always more to anything than what meets the eye. When we start to wander where the mind can go, exploring beyond the horizon, that’s where discoveries happen. Like the […]

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Smashin and Crashin

We know that nothing can travel at the speed of light but if particles are given enough energy, they can whizz around at  almost the speed of light. If they collide, the force can be so great that atoms smash apart, flinging out other particles as they do so. This is called particle collision. They […]

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Back To The Beginning!

The centre of the Milky Way galaxy is about 30,000 light years from the Earth. So if we’re seeing the light from the centre of the Milky Way, we might as well be looking 30,000 years into the past. If we take a look a little farther back, for example the Sombrero galaxy, the light […]

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The Curve Of The Straight!

Q.   Does light travel in straight lines? A.   It is obviously a tricky question. The answer to it depends upon your age, your syllabus and your level of understanding. If you’ve only heard that light travels in straight lines and nothing else, only leaving the bending phenomena of diffraction and bending in denser […]

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Our Sun! So close yet so far!

Our Sun is obviously the brightest star seen from the Earth. This is not at all because it is big or the brightest, actually it is neither. This is simply because it is close to the Earth, not very close but comparatively than other stars. The distance between the sun and the Earth, if calculated […]

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